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Don't miss a minute of the antics of workplace wellness, Obamacare's funny bone. If you're joining us now and want to binge-read to catch up, we recommend starting on the landing page, and segueing to This is Your Brain on Wellness...and then poring through the blog posts.

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How much should you eat with medicines that say: "take with food"? Does Advil speed recovery...or slow it down? Should you go to the doctor if your ankles swell but you feel fine otherwise? How does a CT scan's radiation compare to an x-ray's? What is the difference between co-insurance and a co-pay? Should you get surgery for a meniscal tear? If you don't know the answers, neither do your employees. Quizzify provides a Jeopardy®-meets-health education-meets-Comedy Central education for everyone, approved by doctors at Harvard Medical School...and 100% guarantees savings.

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Continue through to this site if you are considering a lawsuit against your vendor or consultant, want certification in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis, or are seeking a speaker.